Lady’s Artistic Recreation of Burna Boy’s Face Using ‘Fufu’ Sparks Mixed Reactions A young woman has amazed netizens with her artistic talent by sculpting the likeness of Grammy award-winning singer Burna Boy using the Nigerian staple food, fufu.

In a display of creativity, the unidentified lady crafted a fufu sculpture resembling Burna Boy’s face and even posed with it while serving it with a local soup. The artwork bears a striking resemblance to the acclaimed African Giant.

The image quickly spread across social media, garnering a range of reactions. Many praised the lady for her ingenuity, while others criticized the act as disrespectful.

Comments poured in, with some commending the cleverness of the idea, while others expressed disapproval. The debate ranged from appreciating the creativity to questioning the choice of food medium and the perceived disrespect towards Burna Boy.

The fufu art creation has certainly sparked a lively discussion among online users, leaving thwiseboy noted: “Smart move👏 As she no fit chop burna boy, she wan chop burna boy

🫥🫡” natty___tabitha stated: “So you chop a whole Grammy head just imagine you chop it with okro soup that’s disrespectful 😒”

disturbinglagos__ wrote: “Mad. Na to chop Burna remain like this 😂”

__pappyg penned: “Why you no use amala 😂😂 this one no be our odogwu o 😂💔 if burna boy na albino be this”

mo_lola__ said: “Una Dey disrespect my Odogwu o”

sirehisyor said: “Abeg you fit teach me? So anybody when vex me i go use fufu mold e face then use am take chop okro or egusi 😢”em divided on whether it was a clever tribute or a disrespectful gesture towards the Grammy-winning artist.

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