There is something you can do about poverty. While I was still a student I didn’t know I was poor. But I was poor, looking back now. Yeah, I felt I was doing fine. I asked and received. I had parents that didn’t let us, their kids, lack.

But I was poor.

You are probably poor too.

So how do you solve poverty?




You are wealthy when you have a skill in demand.

A skill people are willing to pay for.

A skill you are willing to trade.

I had skills. But there were not in demand.

I didn’t know how to trade them.

People were not willing to pay for it.

And all these happened because I had no clue. And my parents’ supplies were sufficient for me. Otherwise, all the MC jobs I did in school won’t be for free. All the stage performances and scripting I was doing for churches would have been paid for or at least I would have had a paid version.

Even the movies we did then were not really for money. It was for passion.


That wicked word.


The wicked definition we knew then.

Today if Passion doesn’t mean more than that butterfly you get in your stomach when you do something. Then you need to get a better dictionary.

An Advanced Ediale dictionary.

Yeah, do what makes you happy. But be sure of what makes you happy. Many things make you happy at a certain period but if you look deep into it. They make you happy for too short a period.

For instance, let’s assume teaching makes you happy. If you teach for 20 years for free as an adult. You get married and still teach for free. Soon the frustration of poverty will catch up with you. And then you can’t say you are really happy.

Frustration is real and unsexy.

Poverty is her cousin.

So back then in Auchi Poly, the Osagie that was collecting money from us to teach us Accounting Tutorials that lecturers were not willing to teach, had the better kind of passion.

The dude was collecting our money and the best girls were always around him. In exchange for Accounting Teachings.

That’s passion.

People who knew how to type fast and owned a business center in that same school were not poor.

Sharpy Connect or Sharpy Modelz in Auchi Poly those days was not poor. His elder brothers had established a business of photography. They had the best photography skills then. They were balling, taking our money and girls too.

Apostle Sam-Wealth Esechie was singing up and down too. He even made an album. I don’t think he was making money off that passion.

Peter Ogbudu Ghanamustgo was doing free MC jobs. I don’t know if he was making money in school too. I think he was having my own kind of passion then.

The man that was really making money for everyone to see was Eghosa Henry. He even had a money nickname. He was a.k.a Splash. He made money designing the best greeting cards ever. As a student of art and design. Splash was not playing. He did paintings for us to give our girlfriends. We paid at least N7k back in the days for each portrait.

Agbona William painted his Agbani babe. I paid him to do several paintings for me too. He was in business. He was never poor.

Whoever you are going through life in frustration and poverty. I want you to know this, your lack ends once you have a skill you can trade for. A skill in demand. And a skill you are willing to trade as well.

I know so many good friends that should be in the food business. But they are not willing to do that. So we can’t say they qualify. You must be willing to trade it. Many people can write. But like me back in the days, when I was writing poems for people to give their girlfriends, or writing free movie scripts, writing letters, or editing people’s write-ups for free. Like me, they are not willing to trade it.

Fola Folagbade has a skill. He will never be hungry. EseOghene M. Edafe has a skill. He will never be hungry. Ebere Beulah Orji has a skill and still speedily developing it. She will never be hungry. People with skills are not hungry. Adenike OmogeNaija has photography skills. She is a product photographer. So long as people keep dealing with products, she won’t be hungry.

What’s your skill?

Based on recent job market trends and emerging technologies, here are 10 top in-demand skills today:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: With the increasing adoption of automation and data-driven decision-making, there is a growing demand for professionals with expertise in AI and machine learning.

Cloud Computing: Cloud computing has become an essential part of modern IT infrastructure, and professionals with cloud computing skills are highly sought after.

Cybersecurity: With the rise of cyber threats and the increasing importance of data privacy, cybersecurity has become a critical skill for businesses and organizations.

Data Analysis and Visualization: As data becomes more abundant, the ability to analyze and make sense of it is a valuable skill in many industries.

Digital Marketing: As more businesses shift to online platforms, digital marketing skills are becoming essential for reaching target audiences and driving sales.

Mobile Development: Mobile devices are increasingly popular, and there is a growing demand for developers who can create mobile applications.

Project Management: Effective project management is essential for the successful completion of complex projects, making this skill highly valuable.

Sales: Sales skills are always in demand, as businesses need to sell products and services to generate revenue.

User Experience (UX) Design: With user experience becoming a key factor in the success of digital products and services, UX design skills are highly sought after.

Web Development: As businesses and organizations continue to establish their online presence, web development skills are highly valuable in creating websites and online platforms.

Your Davido Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do spotter,



PS: Stephanie Okereke started her career in the entertainment industry when she was still a teenager. Despite facing some initial setbacks, she persevered and went on to win multiple awards for her acting skills. After graduating from the New York Film Academy, she released her own movie, “Through the Glass.

” Stephanie’s story is an excellent example of how hard work and honing one’s skills can lead to success and overcome poverty. It is a testament to the fact that with determination and hard work, anyone can achieve their goals and dreams, no matter how daunting they may seem.

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