A Closer Look at the Unmatched Success of Tiwa Savage and the Challenges Faced by Other Female Artists in the Nigerian Music Industry.

The Coronation

Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian music star, made history by becoming the first Nigerian artist to perform at the coronation concert of King Charles III and Queen Camilla at Windsor Castle in England. The concert, organized by the BBC, drew an audience of over 20,000 people, with a global viewership exceeding 18 million.

Tiwa Savage’s performance was a standout moment, as she showcased her captivating voice and sang “Keys to the Kingdom,” a song she recorded with Mr Eazi for BeyoncĂ©’s album “The Lion King” in 2019. Accompanied by an orchestra comprising violinists, drummers, and backup singers who sang in both Yoruba and English, Tiwa Savage delivered a mesmerizing performance on a grand stage.Wearing a regal green dress designed by Lanre Da Silva, Tiwa Savage was introduced as the Queen of Afrobeats. Alongside her, the concert featured performances by renowned international artists such as Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Take That, Freya Ridings, Alexis Ffrench, Andrea Bocelli, and Sir Bryn Terfel.

Tiwa being introduced at the coronation concert of King Charles III as the Queen of Afrobeats is a perfect Public Relations and a dramatic irony at its best play.

The Debate:
In the highly competitive female music scene in Nigeria, an ongoing debate rages on about who truly deserves the title of the queen of the Nigerian music industry.

While the discussion does not revolve around the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) in this context, it remains a topic of great interest among music enthusiasts. Notably, Tiwa Savage has emerged as the reigning queen, dominating the Afro-Pop genre with her talent, work ethic, and strategic collaborations.

As a seasoned entertainment journalist, I can shed light on the reasons behind Tiwa Savage’s unrivaled reign and how she managed to capture the throne. In an industry where only a handful of artists achieve significant wealth, Tiwa Savage stands out as one of the super-wealthy few. However, the illusion of immense riches portrayed in music videos often contrasts with the financial reality faced by many artists.

While some musicians sing about opulence and financial success, the truth is that their personal lives may tell a different story. The music industry is known for its challenges and struggles, with artists constantly under pressure to maintain their careers and financial stability. Not every artist can enjoy the longevity of someone like Tuface, who has managed to sustain his success over the years. For others, like 9ice, it becomes a battle to stay relevant and survive in the ever-changing music landscape.

Two crucial variables determine an artist’s staying power: financial muscle (X) and undiminished talent (Y). If either of these variables weakens, an artist’s career can suffer. Examples like Mo’cheddah losing her talent or W4 losing his financial support illustrate the delicate balance required for long-term success. However, Tiwa Savage possesses both exceptional talent and financial stability. Her talent consistently soars, and she has the financial resources to support her musical journey.

Tiwa Savage’s unwavering dedication and work ethic set her apart from other female musicians. She leaves no stone unturned in her quest to maintain her position at the top. Tiwa strategically collaborates with trending artists, such as Wizkid, Patoranking, and Olamide, ensuring her relevance across different music genres. She capitalizes on popular songs and trends, consistently releasing music that resonates with her audience. Tiwa’s ability to adapt to the changing landscape, whether it’s the shaku shaku trend or the rise of artists like Duncan Mighty, demonstrates her commitment to staying in the spotlight.

Even when faced with stiff competition, Tiwa Savage remains unshakeable. Yemi Alade, an artist who came close to dethroning Tiwa, commands immense respect from her peers and has her sights set on becoming Africa’s number one. Yemi Alade’s strategic plans and significant achievements, including having the most streamed video, pose a legitimate threat to Tiwa’s reign. While Tiwa tirelessly aspires to be Nigeria’s number one, her strategy doesn’t extend to becoming Africa’s top female musician. She believes that achieving dominance in Nigeria automatically guarantees her supremacy on the continent. Tiwa’s relentless drive and relentless work ethic surpass even that of most top male musicians.

Therefore, it is safe to affirm that Tiwatope Savage, the 42-year-old Nigerian singer, songwriter, and actress, firmly sits on the throne as Nigeria’s queen of Afro Pop. Her illustrious discography, consisting of five studio albums and EPs, serves as a testament to her undeniable talent and success. Not even the controversy surrounding her leaked sex tape could knock her off her perch.

Though the debate of who holds the crown of Nigeria’s music queen is still ongoing, music critics like Ediale Kingsley with a ‘black belt’ in entertainment journalism can do justice to that. He can tell who currently reigns and wears that crown and even go further to explain how and why it was captured by that person.

In the music industry, only a handful of artists are truly super wealthy, and for many, their music career time is ticking fast. Therefore, staying power in the music industry is all about the constant of two variables in the equation. Variables X and Y, where X represents financial muscle, and Y represents undiminishable talent. Once it diminishes like Mocheddah, the money won’t help, and once the money is no more like W4, the musical talent won’t bite or bark.

However, Tiwa Savage is a woman who has both financial muscle and undiminishable talent, making her a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music industry. She puts in the work to keep up the pace and keep herself relevant. She will collaborate with other artists, jump on popular tracks, and constantly reinvent herself to stay on top.

Since Tiwa Savage got on the throne, a lot of Nigerian female musicians have tried their best to dethrone her, but out of all of them, Yemi Alade is the lady that almost got it done. Tiwa is scared of Yemi Alade, but not ‘fear’, let’s just say the respected brand of ‘fear.’ She sees Yemi Alade’s plans, and Yemi has one plan – to be Africa’s number one. And she is strategic about it, with the numbers to back her up.

Tiwa Savage presently holds the throne and crown as Nigeria’s music queen, and she has earned her spot with her talent, hard work, and ability to stay relevant in a highly competitive industry.

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