In a recent video posted on social media, the renowned Nigerian singer, Teni, famous for her chart-topping hit “Case,” courageously shared her struggle with a throat disease that jeopardized her vocal cords.

Teni disclosed that she received a diagnosis in July after battling recurring episodes of voice loss. She detailed the considerable challenge this condition posed, as she was concurrently working on her second album.

Medical experts recommended that Teni undergo significant surgery to address the issue, emphasizing that any delay could result in permanent damage to her vocal cords. Nevertheless, the singer decided to explore alternative treatment options, demonstrating her determination to safeguard her unique voice.

In September, Teni found herself hospitalized due to exhaustion, an unfortunate consequence of her ongoing battle with the ailment. She provided glimpses of her hospital experience with the simple words, “Ahh, my eyes have seen.”

Despite the formidable challenges, October brought a glimmer of hope for Teni’s vocal recovery. Following professional medical assistance, she noted a gradual improvement in her voice, igniting optimism for a complete recuperation.

Teni expressed profound gratitude for the support she received during this challenging period and shared her plans to make a triumphant return to the music scene in November. Furthermore, she unveiled that her second album is already in the final stages and is scheduled for a grand release next month. This inspiring journey serves as a testament to Teni’s resilience and unwavering dedication to her craft.

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