Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has given his assent to the state’s ₦458 billion budget for the 2024 fiscal year after its successful passage by the State House of Assembly. Signing the budget into law, Governor Sani revealed that ₦318.8 billion has been allocated for capital expenditure, with ₦139.4 billion earmarked for recurrent expenditure, resulting in a capital-to-recurrent ratio of 69.57% to 30.43%.

The governor emphasized that the 2024 budget, titled the “2024 Budget of Rural Transformation for Inclusive Development,” aims to bring development closer to the people of Kaduna State, bridging the gap between rural and urban areas.

The objectives of the budget include revitalizing the state’s rural economies, fostering social inclusion, addressing infrastructure and human capital gaps, enhancing agriculture and food security, and ensuring safety while safeguarding citizens’ investments.

“To achieve the objectives of the 2024 budget, there must be collective efforts. Ministries, Departments, and Government-Owned Enterprises must adopt effective strategies to bolster their revenue generation endeavors,” remarked Governor Sani. He highlighted the crucial role of the reinvigorated Kaduna State Internal Revenue Service (KADIRS) in successful budget execution, urging sustained momentum in revenue generation.

Expressing gratitude to the Planning and Budget Commission and all contributors to the 2024 Appropriation Bill, Governor Sani called for citizens’ full support and cooperation as the implementation of the budget begins. Despite challenging times, he expressed determination to lead the people of Kaduna State towards a brighter future.

Governor Sani commended the State House of Assembly for swiftly considering and passing the Appropriation Bill, applauding their commitment to Kaduna State’s progress and development. In response, acting Speaker Henry Danjuma-Magaji highlighted that the expeditious passage aimed to enable the government to deliver democracy dividends to the people. He expressed confidence in the governor’s determination to fully implement the appropriation law. (NAN)

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