Afropop sensation Ruger has ignited a flurry of mixed reactions online with his candid declaration that Nigerian women are not the finest in the world. This statement emerged during a recent radio interview on The Beat999FM.

Ruger, known for his hit track ‘Bounce,’ unequivocally expressed his belief that Nigerian women do not hold the title for being the best globally. He went further to assert that many of them exhibit toxic behavior and often deceive others about their relationship statuses.

Drawing from his international experiences and encounters with women from various backgrounds, Ruger shared his perspective:

“I can say with certainty that we [Nigerians] do not possess the world’s best women. Yes, that’s a fact. No well-traveled man would make the blanket statement that Nigeria has the best women.

“While we do have wonderful women, they are not the best. Do you think there are no ‘booties’ among white women? In fact, we were misled about white girls not having ‘booties.’ You need to witness it firsthand. I have.”

Ruger’s remarks have stirred debate and sparked discussions across various platforms.

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