Funmi Ojelade, a courageous Nigerian lady who set out to break the Guinness World Record for the longest time spent indoors, is now appealing to fellow Nigerians for data assistance.

As we reported earlier, Funmi embarked on a remarkable 168-hour indoors-a-thon in a bid to join the prestigious Guinness World Record (GWR). During this challenging endeavor, she committed herself to stay indoors without using her phone, refraining from any social interactions, and not allowing visitors to see her.

In a recent update, as she reaches the 64th hour of her confinement, Funmi shared that her 2.2 gigabytes of data is rapidly depleting, posing a potential threat to her record-breaking attempt. In a heartfelt plea, she reached out to fellow Nigerians, asking for data support to enable her to continue her extraordinary feat.

Funmi’s determination and dedication have captivated the nation, and her pursuit to set a new Guinness World Record has garnered widespread attention and support. As she inches closer to achieving this remarkable feat, the public’s support in providing data will undoubtedly bolster her chances of making history.

Let’s rally behind Funmi Ojelade and help her accomplish this extraordinary milestone by contributing data and encouraging her to keep pushing her limits during this challenging 168-hour indoors challenge. Together, we can witness the birth of a new Guinness World Record in Nigeria! Watch her passionate plea in the video below

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