Phyna, a popular reality star, has taken a swipe at the organizers of the BBNaija show, claiming that they deliberately edited out scenes in which she was heavily insulted and humiliated during the ongoing reunion.

During the reunion program, tensions escalated between Phyna and her former best friend, ChiChi, resulting in a heated exchange of insults.

“After they make you, they break you” – Phyna drags BBNaija for editing out scenes she was heavily insulted during reunion “After they make you, they break you” – Phyna drags BBNaija for editing out scenes she was heavily insulted during reunion. Credit: Phyna/Instagram.

While Phyna faced severe criticism for using ChiChi’s past and age to shame her, she now claims that the show organizers unfairly portrayed the altercation by omitting the instances where she was subjected to body shaming, called an abortionist, and subjected to numerous other derogatory remarks.

Expressing her disappointment on her social media page, Phyna criticized the one-sided depiction of the fight and accused the show’s organizers of setting her up by selectively showing her retaliation while disregarding the offensive remarks directed at her.

Phyna’s posts shed light on the frustration she feels about the editing choices made by the BBNaija production team. She believes that the show, which played a significant role in shaping her public image, has now turned against her by selectively editing out scenes that would have provided a more balanced portrayal of the altercation.

Fans and followers of the reality star have rallied behind her, expressing their support and demanding transparency from the show’s organizers. Many have called for the release of the unedited footage to provide a clearer understanding of the entire incident.

The controversy surrounding the BBNaija reunion continues to escalate as more people join the conversation, questioning the show’s integrity and the ethics of its editing practices. The allegations made by Phyna raise important questions about the responsibility of reality TV programs to accurately represent the events that occur within them.

As the public awaits a response from the BBNaija production team, the controversy serves as a reminder of the power and influence that reality TV holds, not only in shaping the lives of its participants but also in shaping public perception.

Phyna’s bold stance against the show’s editing practices has sparked a larger debate about the role of reality TV in society and the impact it can have on individuals’ lives. It remains to be seen how the BBNaija organizers will address these allegations and whether they will take steps to address the concerns raised by Phyna and her supporters.

In the world of reality TV, where narratives are carefully crafted and edited, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency and fair representation, ensuring that all parties involved have their voices heard and their experiences accurately depicted.

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