Nigerian singer Portable Omolalomi has made a startling claim, suggesting that the death of Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, was a result of betrayal. Portable alleges that Mohbad fell victim to the enemies of Marlian record label boss, Naira Marley.

In a recent video, Portable stated that Mohbad had received support and nurturing from Marlian Music but had ultimately turned his back on them. According to Portable, Mohbad accused the label of not showing him love, leading to his departure and affiliation with Naira Marley’s rivals.

Portable further claimed that Mohbad’s association with these rivals led to his tragic demise, and those responsible for his death intended to implicate Naira Marley.

“Mohbad was killed because he was a betrayer. We help these young artists and help them rise to fame, but they repay us with betrayal. Despite everything Marlian Music did for Mohbad, he later claimed they didn’t love him. He left the label and associated with Naira Marley’s rivals. Those individuals then took his life to frame Naira Marley. God will protect Naira from this situation because he only assisted Mohbad out of goodwill, but he betrayed him,” Portable stated.

This shocking revelation highlights the alleged consequences of betrayal in the Nigerian music industry, shedding light on the complex dynamics within the industry.

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