The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in the March 18 election in Oyo State, Teslim Folarin, has attributed his loss in the governorship election to the presidential ambition of President Bola Tinubu. Folarin made these remarks during a reception held in honor of a lawmaker in the House of Representatives.

Governor Seyi Makinde was declared the winner of the election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) after securing 563,756 votes, defeating Folarin who received 256,685 votes.

Speaking at the event in Ido local government area, Folarin claimed that he lost the election due to an arrangement favoring President Bola Tinubu’s victory in the February 25 presidential election. He emphasized that the APC remains the strongest party in the state, having won three senatorial seats and nine out of the federal constituency seats. Folarin expressed confidence in winning two additional federal constituency seats through the ongoing election tribunal processes.

He said: “If we are talking about the strongest party in the state today, it is APC. We won three senatorial seats and nine out of Federal constituency seats. Our people are already in the election tribunal and I can tell you that we would win two more Federal constituency seats. In the governorship election, we were thrown under the bus.

Folarin further highlighted his preference for the presidency over the governorship, stating that he would choose the former if given the option. He praised President Tinubu’s leadership and urged Nigerians to exercise patience during the current challenging times, assuring them that better days are ahead. Folarin called on the people to support the government, emphasizing its significance as their own.

“In politics, if I am asked to choose between governorship and presidency, I will choose the latter. We have taken the presidency and our president, Tinubu, is doing well. Things are hard now, but I want Nigerians to bear and exercise patience because better days are coming soon.

The governorship candidate stressed the importance of his faith, Islam, and his commitment to politics, stating that his aspirations extend beyond becoming governor. He expressed gratitude to God and affirmed his dedication to serving the people.

“Let us stand with this government because it is our government. This is because if there’s a problem in the future regarding governance, they will say we need to call the Yoruba to fix it. Two things are constants in my life, which are Islam and politics. My own level has passed the fact that I have to become the governor before thanking God.”

Teslim Folarin’s remarks shed light on the political dynamics and ambitions within the APC in Oyo State. While attributing his loss to the presidential ambition of President Tinubu, his statements indicate his continued commitment to politics and his belief in the party’s future prospects. The governorship election results and the ongoing election tribunal processes reflect the complex political landscape in Oyo State.

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