The director of Research, Strategy, and Documentation of Atiku Abubakar’s 2023 Presidential Campaign, Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki, has made some scathing remarks about the former governor of Rivers state and current FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, suggesting that he is the primary obstacle facing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Obaseki emphasized Wike’s actions within the party, including his call for the suspension or expulsion of the former Vice President, his repeated criticisms of the party, and his consistent acts of disloyalty, as reasons why he should be removed from his position.

Obaseki went further to assert that Wike had played a significant role in fomenting internal conflicts within the PDP due to his relentless ambition to secure the party’s presidential nomination. He claimed that Wike had been unrestrained in his actions, particularly since his support for Uche Secondus for the party’s chairmanship and his subsequent defeat at the PDP presidential primaries.

Addressing the calls for Atiku’s expulsion from the PDP, Obaseki countered, saying, “The person who deserves to be expelled from the party is the man who is calling for the expulsion of others from the party.” He accused Wike of creating a faction within the party, known as the G-5, and campaigning against the party’s principles, constitution, and structures. Obaseki cited several prominent party members, including Bello Matawalle, Dave Umahi, and Professor Ben Ayade, who had left the party, attributing their departures to Wike’s influence.

Furthermore, Obaseki alleged that Wike had crossed a critical line within the party and must be prepared to face the consequences. He noted that Wike had the financial resources to resist any challenges but warned that they were ready to confront him head-on.

Regarding a particular incident in December 2021, Obaseki revealed that he had made a presentation to the governors in Asaba, where Wike disagreed with the approach, favoring open primaries. Obaseki argued that Wike’s presidential aspirations were self-serving, given that he hailed from the same former Rivers State as the immediate past Southern president. He insinuated that Wike’s actions were aimed at paving the way for his eventual presidential bid.

In conclusion, Obaseki’s remarks underscore the growing tensions and divisions within the PDP, with Nyesom Wike at the center of the storm, accused of undermining party unity and pursuing his personal political interests. These comments have added fuel to the ongoing power struggle within the party, as it gears up for the 2023 presidential elections.

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