Bode Maxwell-Akinyemi, Community Manager at Utiva, an innovative platform for technology skills training, has achieved international recognition by winning the prestigious STRT Community Uplift Award at the BoomStartup Accelerator’s Open Pitch Competition held in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bode Maxwell-Akinyemi, at just 25 years old, was among the finalists chosen from over 100 countries, marking a remarkable journey from Nigeria to the global stage. The competition featured 18 finalists who competed for cash prizes and global recognition. BoomStartup Accelerator, known for its commitment to guiding businesses to success through partnerships, mentoring, and funding programs, hosted this renowned event. STRT, a partner in the competition, is on a mission to unleash the potential of creators by gathering the resources they need to maximize their potential.

Bode’s outstanding achievement exemplifies his dedication to advancing technology education and community development. He serves as the Community Manager for Utiva, which offers a comprehensive platform for tech skills training, thus making him a symbol of excellence in the tech and education sectors.

Bode’s journey showcases his commitment to promoting technology education and community development, making him an inspiring figure for tech enthusiasts.

Bode Maxwell-Akinyemi expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am deeply grateful for the incredible opportunity to receive the BoomStartup Accelerator Open Pitch Competition Community Uplift Award for Education, representing Utiva. This recognition is not just a personal achievement but a testament to the unwavering dedication of the entire Utiva team to revolutionize technology education. Representing Utiva at this competition was a remarkable experience, reinforcing my passion for technology education. It’s a reminder that with determination, innovative thinking, and a community-driven spirit, we can shape the future of education, not only in Nigeria but across the globe.”

Utiva’s CEO, Eyitayo Ogunmola, highlighted the company’s commitment to technology skills training and announced the Utiva Ubuntu Project. This project, dedicated to Bode, will offer subsidized tech skills training to individuals belonging to renowned social communities. Eyitayo emphasized the importance of the South African philosophy of ‘ubuntu,’ signifying ‘humanity to others’ and “I am because we are.” Bode will lead the execution of this project, aimed at positively impacting society through education.

This achievement demonstrates the power of youth and innovation in shaping the future of technology education. Bode Maxwell-Akinyemi’s success serves as a beacon for young Africans and aspiring entrepreneurs, inspiring them to dream big and contribute to the world of technology and education.

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