Hilda Baci, a talented young Nigerian chef hailing from Akwa Ibom State, has embarked on a remarkable journey to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual. At 27 years old, Hilda is already making significant strides in her attempt, surpassing impressive milestones along the way.

Currently in the midst of her culinary feat, Hilda has been cooking non-stop for an astonishing 64 hours, with approximately 32 hours remaining to surpass the existing record. Undeterred by exhaustion, Hilda’s commitment to excellence shines through as she maintains her high standards, synonymous with her renowned food brand, “My Food by Hilda.”

Hilda’s pursuit of the Guinness World Record has captivated the hearts of Nigerians and women worldwide. An influx of spectators, including notable celebrities, have flocked to the venue of the cook-a-thon to witness her historic achievement, while thousands more eagerly follow live updates through social media channels.

To support Hilda’s endeavor, various notable personalities have attended the cook-a-thon, offering words of encouragement and affirmation. The event has become a symbol of inspiration for women everywhere, demonstrating the strength and determination that can drive individuals to push boundaries and achieve remarkable feats.

For those unable to attend the cook-a-thon in person, Hilda has provided multiple platforms to watch her live progress. Viewers can tune in to her Instagram pages, @hildabaci and @myfoodbyhilda, as well as her dedicated cook-a-thon pages on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter (@Hildabacicookathon).

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