Renowned American rapper Nicki Minaj has candidly revealed that she underwent cosmetic surgery in response to body-shaming comments made by fellow rap star Lil Wayne.

During an episode of The Joe Budden podcast, the 40-year-old rapper shared the reasons behind her decision to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

Minaj recounted how Lil Wayne used to tease her during her younger years, highlighting her lack of a voluptuous derriere compared to the women he typically encountered in the studio.

The constant mocking took a toll on Minaj’s self-esteem, leaving her feeling inadequate and prompting her to consider surgery as a means of achieving a sense of wholeness.

Minaj expressed regret for succumbing to external pressures and admitted feeling out of place whenever Lil Wayne brought women with more curvaceous figures into their circle.

The fact that the body-shaming remarks came from someone she once admired and looked up to in the industry made the impact even more hurtful for her.

The rapper further discussed how she internalized the belief that the hip-hop culture placed emphasis on women having well-endowed chests and shapely bodies.

Although Lil Wayne’s comments were intended as playful banter, Minaj took them seriously, unbeknownst to him, and they ultimately influenced her decision to undergo surgery.

Minaj’s candid revelation sheds light on the pressures faced by artists in the entertainment industry and the impact of body shaming on individuals’ self-image and decision-making.

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