In the vibrant landscape of Afrobeats, Mr Eazi’s Banku sound stands as an indelible fusion, impossible to overlook. Since his debut mixtape, “About To Blow,” in 2013, the Banku sound, a unique blend of Ghanaian highlife bounce and Nigerian chord progressions, has captivated Afrobeats enthusiasts globally.

Now, a decade into his musical journey, Oluwatosin Ajibade, known as Mr Eazi, the Banku pioneer, unveils his official debut studio album, “The Evil Genius.” With a rich discography of mixtapes, EPs, and global collaborations, including luminaries like Beyoncé, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny, Mr Eazi’s latest offering comprises 16 tracks, serving as a canvas for a profound exploration of his identity as a businessman, musician, and family man.

“The Evil Genius” delves into themes of love, betrayal, loneliness, and family across three distinct movements, offering listeners an intimate and personal narrative. From his early days hustling in Ghana’s nightlife to venturing into entrepreneurship, Mr Eazi’s journey unfolds as an inspiration for fellow musicians across the continent.

Notably, Mr Eazi takes a unique approach to the album’s visual representation by commissioning 16 original artworks from African visual artists. The artwork, exhibited at prominent locations like Somerset House in the UK and Gallery 1967 in Accra, serves as a visual companion to the album’s themes.

In an exclusive interview, Mr Eazi shares his insights into “The Evil Genius,” revealing the intricate philosophies behind his dual life as a music and business mogul. The album’s visual arts integration emerges as a central element, with each track meticulously matched to artworks created by diverse African talents.

The album’s title, “Evil Genius,” was born out of an encounter with a fellow artist who referred to Mr Eazi as a calculated and shrewd personality. Embracing the term, Mr Eazi views it as a gateway to self-discovery, allowing him to break free from external perceptions and delve into the depths of his identity. The album’s tracks unravel his journey, offering listeners a glimpse into the man behind the musical persona.

Mr Eazi’s creative process for “The Evil Genius” extended over two years and eight months, a departure from his usual spontaneous approach. The album marks a shift from crafting hits to a profound exploration of self, a therapeutic journey captured in each track.

As a serial entrepreneur, Mr Eazi emphasizes the significance of freedom in his creative and business endeavors. His label, emPawa Africa, stands out for granting artists unparalleled creative freedom, enabling them to shape their musical journeys. Mr Eazi’s commitment to economic freedom reflects in his unconventional approach to funding the extensive recording and artistic exhibition process for “The Evil Genius.”

The immediate plans for Mr Eazi involve additional exhibitions and a meticulously produced show where he intends to perform only songs from the album. His visionary integration of music and visual art exemplifies the innovative spirit that defines “The Evil Genius” and sets the stage for the next chapter in Mr Eazi’s artistic journey.

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