In her return to the All Stars edition of Big Brother Naija, Mercy has displayed a more audacious and strategic gameplay this season.

After her historic victory as the first female winner of Big Brother Naija in a previous season, Mercy’s presence in the All Stars edition has been nothing short of controversial.

Here are six standout moments from Mercy on BBNaija All Stars in celebration of her birthday on September 29, 2023:

  1. First Female Head-of-House: On August 14, 2023, during a challenging tip-the-scale game, Mercy emerged victorious, becoming the first female Head-of-House in the BBNaija All Stars season.
  2. Securing a Finalist Spot: During the final eviction nominations, Mercy received the surprising news that she had successfully passed through the selections that week. Despite feeling like a target due to the constant criticism about her return to the show, she earned a direct ticket to become the fourth finalist on BBNaija All Stars.
  3. Mic Violations Strike: On August 7, 2023, Mercy received a strike from Big Brother for repeated microphone violations and whispering. The strike followed multiple warnings to her and other housemates who engaged in similar behavior.
  4. Queen of Multiple Kisses: Reinventing her strategy, Mercy claimed the title of the “queen of highlights.” She shared a total of three kisses with male housemates on BBNaija All Stars, securing the record for the highest number of kisses. Her lip locks were with Kiddwaya, Whitemoney, and Pere.
  5. Complex Situationship with Pere: Mercy and Pere have kept viewers intrigued with their ongoing teasing of a possible romantic relationship. While they continue to flirt and engage in intimate conversations, their dynamic takes a different turn when Mercy describes their connection as mere friendship. Their lovey-dovey interactions have been the talk of the town, leaving everyone wondering about Mercy’s next move.
  6. Voluntary Exit Threat: On September 7, 2023, following the customary Thursday night pool party, Mercy had a moment of outburst, threatening to voluntarily leave the BBNaija All Stars house. She later attributed this incident to the frustrations of that particular day.

Mercy’s journey in the All Stars edition has been marked by triumphs, controversies, and captivating relationships, making her a standout contestant once again.

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