Mercy Eke, one of the finalists in Big Brother Naija All Stars, openly declared that her fellow male housemate, Pere Egbi, possesses an irresistible charm. She made this revelation following a passionate kiss they shared after the finalists’ dinner on Monday.

After a final Head of House game on Monday, Big Brother summoned the six finalists to the lounge, unveiling a heartwarming surprise for them. The surprise unfolded as they each got the chance to see their family members and loved ones on the screen.

Following this touching moment, Biggie announced that they had one hour to prepare for their grand finale dinner on the show.

During the preparations, Pere lent a helping hand to Mercy as he assisted her in putting on her heels. As they walked toward the garden, they paused by the door, sharing a tight embrace filled with passionate kisses.

In a candid conversation with fellow housemates Cross and Pere in the kitchen on Tuesday, Mercy remarked, “Pere is irresistible. I’m doing my best.

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