Aspiring to lead with a transformative agenda, Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie, a governorship aspirant under the LP (Labour Party), recently addressed key issues related to education and skill development. Focusing on a comprehensive approach, Osagie highlighted key priorities for enhancing the education sector in his vision for the state.

Improving the Quality of Education:
Osagie emphasized the urgent need to enhance the quality of education in both schools and universities. He outlined plans to implement reforms that would elevate the standards of teaching, curriculum, and infrastructure in educational institutions across the state. The aspirant stressed the importance of providing a conducive learning environment that fosters excellence and innovation.

Promoting Vocational Training and Skill Development Programs:
Recognizing the significance of vocational training and skill development in the modern workforce, Osagie pledged to champion programs that empower individuals with practical skills. He outlined initiatives aimed at promoting vocational training centers, apprenticeship programs, and partnerships with industries to ensure that the workforce is equipped with the skills demanded by the job market. Osagie believes that a robust focus on skill development will not only enhance employability but also contribute to the economic growth of the state.

Ensuring Access to Quality Education for All:
Osagie expressed a commitment to ensuring that access to quality education is a fundamental right for every citizen, including those in marginalized communities. He outlined inclusive policies that would address disparities in educational opportunities, focusing on initiatives to provide scholarships, improve infrastructure in underserved areas, and bridge the educational gap.

In his statement, Osagie highlighted the role of education as a catalyst for societal development and stressed the need for a holistic and inclusive approach to address the challenges faced by the education sector. He called for collaborative efforts from stakeholders, including educators, parents, and the government, to achieve meaningful progress in education and skill development for the benefit of the state and its residents.

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