American reality TV star, Kim Kardashian has revealed what she did after crossing paths with Erling Haaland during her trip to Italy.

In a recent conversation with GQ, the Kardashian lady revealed her encounter with Haaland in Italy, which left her exhilarated, particularly considering her son’s admiration for the football star.

Haaland has rapidly ascended to the top of footballing excellence.

The Norwegian narrowly missed the 2023 Ballon d’Or accolade to Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi.

His prominence in the Premier League has been remarkable over the past season, leaving even celebrities of Kardashian’s calibre awestruck by him.

“I was in Italy and I saw Erling Haaland and I freaked the f*** out because I know my son would be so excited,” Kardashian said.

“You know, it is like his thing. So I’m like such a loser FaceTiming at this event being, like, ‘Saint, you’ll never guess who I ran into!’”

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