Thousands of fervent supporters of Usman Ododo, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Governorship candidate in Kogi State, gathered to demonstrate their unwavering strength, effectively putting to rest any claims of rival parties controlling Igalaland.

This impressive display of support took the form of a One-Million-Man Road Walk held at Ajaka in Igala Mela/Odolu, Kogi Local Government, affirming their steadfast backing for Ododo and the APC.

Prominent party members and supporters led the road walk for the Ododo/Oyibo ticket, underlining the resounding endorsement of the APC candidate and the party.

Addressing the enthusiastic APC supporters, Omachonu, the Local Chairman of Igala Mela/Odolu, emphatically declared, “The only sellable candidate amongst several others jostling for the governorship seat of Kogi State is Ododo Usman.” He further expressed unwavering confidence in Ododo’s ability to secure victory.

Omachonu expressed his belief that Ododo, alongside his Deputy, Joel Oyibo Salifu, would consolidate the achievements of the APC’s administration in Kogi State over the past seven years, offering optimism for a brighter future.

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