A woman has recently recounted the unusual sequence of events that unfolded after her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, revealing the extreme lengths she went to in order to grab his attention.

In an intriguing twist, the Twitter user known as @KgodishoMoloto admitted herself to the hospital following the breakup, and astonishingly, she pleaded with a nurse to contact her ex-boyfriend on her behalf.

“I Admitted Myself to the Hospital and Begged a Nurse to Call Him” – Woman Shares Unconventional Post-Breakup Story. Photo Credit: KgodishoMoloto. Source: Twitter.

To her dismay, when her ex-boyfriend eventually arrived at the hospital, he was accompanied by the very girl he had left her for.

Adding to the drama, he pretended that the woman, narrating the story, was his cousin to prevent his new girlfriend from discovering their romantic past.

In her own words:

“😩I admitted myself to the hospital and begged the nurse to call him and ask him to please come by. I made it seem like a desperate plea, as if it were a matter of life and death. As soon as I heard that he was coming, I opened my eyes slightly just to catch a glimpse of his reaction when he walked in. And there he was, walking in with the girl he had chosen over me. He brought flowers, and she carried a fruit basket. ‘How’s my cousin? Will she be alright?’ he asked the nurse who was attending to me at that time. I think I died twice and came back.

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