The Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Disability, Hon. Bashir Dawodu, has affirmed the committee’s dedication to the complete enforcement of the Persons with Disability Act. Dawodu disclosed ongoing efforts to re-enact the Act, citing significant gaps that cannot be solely addressed through amendments. These statements were made during a media briefing to commemorate World Children’s Day, with a focus on Children with Disabilities and the Disability Act of 2018.

Dawodu emphasized the committee’s engagement with the conditions of Persons with Disabilities (PWD), highlighting the importance of collecting stakeholders’ inputs during the upcoming public hearing for the Act’s amendment. Additionally, he mentioned the need to amend the Child’s Right Act to address concerns raised by the PWD community. Speaker Tajudeen Abbas has approved the use of sign language in the chambers to facilitate effective communication with PWD.

Executive Director of Women and Girls with Albinism Network, Constance Onyemeachi, raised awareness about the vulnerability of children with albinism to rape and child trafficking. She shared a distressing account of a child with albinism facing rejection in her community, emphasizing the urgent need for protective measures.

PWD representative Itodo Yusuf, a legal practitioner, underscored the pivotal role of law and its implementation in protecting rights. Yusuf highlighted discrepancies in the Nigerian Child Right Act, specifically addressing limitations related to funding for children with special needs. He called for a reevaluation of Section 16 of the Act to remove funding constraints and ensure adequate provisions for children with disabilities.

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