In a surprising turn of events, Heidi Korth, the estranged wife of Sina Rambo, son of Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State, has officially confirmed their divorce. Heidi took to her Instastory to share a video, expressing her intention to give away her stunning diamond wedding ring to a deserving couple who are preparing to tie the knot.

With a smile on her face, Heidi showcased the exquisite ring and shared her generous plan with her followers. She stated, “This is my wedding ring. And since I’m now officially divorced, I want to give it out to someone who is getting married. So, if you are getting married anytime soon because it’s actually a diamond and it’s actually really cute. So, if you are getting married anytime soon and you need a nice ring, I mean, hit me up, just send a DM and send a picture of your wedding invitation card, and I will send this over to you.”

This announcement comes after Heidi previously accused Sina Rambo of domestic violence and neglecting their daughter. The allegations made headlines a few months ago, causing significant public attention. Heidi boldly declared that she had reached her breaking point in the marriage, emphasizing the singer’s alleged financial debts to her.

The decision to part ways and offer her wedding ring as a gift reflects Heidi’s desire to move forward and embrace a new chapter in her life. Despite the challenges she faced during her marriage, she remains hopeful and wishes to share her symbol of love and commitment with a deserving couple embarking on their own marital journey.

Heidi’s offer has undoubtedly sparked curiosity and interest among soon-to-be-wedded individuals who may be searching for the perfect engagement or wedding ring. Her gesture showcases a mix of resilience, generosity, and the ability to find positivity even in difficult circumstances.

As the news of the divorce continues to circulate, it remains to be seen who will be the fortunate recipients of Heidi’s diamond wedding ring. Couples preparing to say “I do” are encouraged to reach out to Heidi through direct message, providing a glimpse into their love story by sharing a picture of their wedding invitation card.

The public awaits updates on the ring’s new owners, as this gesture of goodwill captures the attention and hearts of individuals rooting for love and happiness in the face of adversity.

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