Governor Hope Uzodimma is set to be sworn in for a second term on January 15, 2024, with a promise to surpass the achievements of his first tenure. Unlike four years ago when Uzodimma faced challenges without a handover note, he now claims to be well-informed about the state’s affairs.

In his new year broadcast, Uzodimma revealed plans for an extensive array of projects across Imo’s 27 local government areas. The governor pledged the construction of 40 roads, an increase from the 20 roads completed in 2023. He also vowed to empower 4000 youths, doubling the figure from the previous year.

While the state civil service experienced improvements, such as designated bus services and a 13th-month salary, promotions have not resulted in salary increases. Uzodimma acknowledged the presence of opportunists in his cabinet, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy for corruption in the public sector.

The governor emphasized the importance of public service as a commitment to work for the people, not an opportunity for personal gain. He declared that every resource belonging to Imo State must benefit its people, reinforcing the need for transparency and equity in his administration.

Uzodimma recognized the lingering security challenges in some areas and assured residents of government efforts to reclaim control. He called for appointees to discharge their duties without corruption, especially in matters related to land grabbing and the collection of illegal fees.

As Uzodimma enters his second term, residents anticipate increased physical presence from the governor for immediate response to issues. He emphasized the importance of running an efficient and transparent administration with equity and justice as guiding principles.

With the elections concluded, the governor stressed the need for fostering peace and unity. However, concerns arise regarding the Imo charter of equity, which may pose challenges to the values and relationships it aims to protect.

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