Gombe, Nigeria – The Gombe State Government has revealed its plan to provide a N10,000 pay increase to all its employees in response to the removal of fuel subsidies. The announcement was made by Malam Manassah Jatau, the Deputy Governor of Gombe, during a press briefing in the state.

Deputy Governor Jatau stated that the pay increment was part of the government’s proactive efforts to alleviate the economic repercussions of the subsidy reduction on the state’s workforce. He highlighted Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s consistent concern for the welfare of both civil servants and residents since the outbreak of COVID-19.

In an effort to assist residents in coping with the removal of fuel subsidies, the government has already distributed palliatives to 30,000 beneficiaries across the state. The N10,000 pay raise will apply to employees of both the state and local governments and is set to take effect in August.

Regarding the duration of the pay increase, Deputy Governor Jatau indicated that there is currently no specific time limit in place, emphasizing the government’s commitment to supporting its workforce during these challenging times.

He praised the invaluable contributions of state employees, referring to them as the driving force behind the implementation of policies and the state’s development. Deputy Governor Jatau emphasized the government’s readiness to foster a conducive atmosphere for employees to continue contributing to the state and the nation.

Jatau urged workers to reciprocate by adhering to the law and actively supporting the government’s policies and projects. He also encouraged those who have not yet benefited from the palliatives to exercise patience, assuring them that additional interventions would be considered in the near future, within the constraints of available resources.

He stated, “I call on all residents of the state, especially those who are yet to benefit from the palliatives, to be patient, as we shall continue to consider bringing more interventions in the near future within available resources.”

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