Former Kogi State Governor, Captain Idris Wada, has praised his successor, Governor Yahaya Bello, for notable achievements in the state, particularly in security, healthcare, education, and infrastructure. The commendation came during a courtesy visit by Wada to Governor Bello, who is set to hand over to the Governor-elect, Ahmed Usman Ododo, this week.

Wada, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who handed over to Bello in 2016, expressed gratitude to Bello for his stewardship since assuming office and conveyed his best wishes for the future. He pledged full support for the incoming administration in Kogi State.

During the meeting, the incumbent governor and his predecessor discussed state affairs, governance challenges, particularly in Kogi State, and broader security issues. Governor Bello welcomed Wada to his residence, describing him as an exemplary leader and a statesman with progressive qualities. Bello acknowledged the challenges faced by Wada during his tenure and commended his efforts within the constraints of available resources, given the unique political challenges of Kogi State.

Bello expressed deep gratitude for Wada’s contributions both during and after his time in office. He acknowledged Wada’s statesmanship, humility, fear of God, and progressive qualities, expressing pride in following his footsteps. The Governor also emphasized the need for unity to realize the state’s vast potential, cautioning against scenarios where disunity could lead to outsiders inheriting the state’s resources.

Governor Bello thanked Wada for the honor and stated that he would be handing over to Governor-elect Ahmed Usman Ododo, with the transition event scheduled for the coming week. Bello highlighted the importance of supporting Ododo for the overall interest of Kogi State.

Additionally, Hon. Abejide, the ADC governorship candidate, visited Governor Bello to commend his achievements and express support for Governor-elect Ododo. Abejide acknowledged the governor’s efforts in ensuring peace and tranquility, emphasizing the need for unity and collective contributions to the state’s development. Governor Bello and Ododo welcomed Abejide’s support, emphasizing the shared responsibility of all stakeholders in the development and continuity of good governance in Kogi State.

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