Festus Keyamo, the nominee for the ministerial role in Delta state, has expressed regret and extended an apology to the Senate for his absence during the 9th National Assembly sessions. This gesture seeks to address the concerns raised about his prior conduct while serving as the Minister of State for Labour and Productivity in the previous administration.

The backdrop for this development was the screening of Festus Keyamo SAN for his potential appointment as a Minister, which took an unexpected turn during the proceedings. The Senate session on Monday witnessed a tumultuous moment as Senator Darlington Nwokocha (LP – Abia Central) invoked a constitutional point of order, urging a deferment of Keyamo’s screening due to his historical interactions with the National Assembly.

Senator Nwokocha accused Keyamo of displaying disrespect towards the 9th National Assembly and making allegations of corruption against the previous administration. The senator further cited an incident involving a Special Public Works program during Keyamo’s tenure, asserting that Keyamo was summoned to elucidate the matter but declined the invitation.

In response to the deliberations, the Senate convened an executive session to address the situation after the initial uproar during the screening process. Following the closed-door discussions, Festus Keyamo emerged with a conciliatory tone, expressing sincere remorse for his past actions.

His apologetic stance resonated with the Senate, leading to a decision that he could take a bow and exit the session after tendering his apology. This resolution reflects an attempt to restore mutual understanding and pave the way for further deliberations regarding Festus Keyamo’s nomination for ministerial responsibility in Delta state.

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