In a revelation from his new book, “Working with Buhari: Reflections of A Special Adviser, Media and Publicity (2015-2023),” Femi Adesina, former media aide to ex-President Muhammadu Buhari, shares intriguing details about President Buhari’s reaction upon learning about Bola Tinubu’s ‘Emi Lokan’ speech.

The incident occurred in June 2022 when Bola Tinubu, then an APC presidential aspirant, made headlines with the ‘Emi Lokan’ remark during a meeting in Ogun State. Adesina discloses that when Tinubu made these statements, President Buhari was not in the country; they were in Spain for an event. Concerned about varied interpretations reaching the President, Adesina and other aides decided to brief Buhari during their return flight to Nigeria.

President Buhari’s response, as recounted by Adesina, was characterized by quiet contemplation. Despite the palpable ‘Emi Lokan’ reference, President Buhari avoided mentioning it explicitly during a subsequent meeting with APC presidential aspirants. Instead, he encouraged aspirants to consult and build a consensus to produce a formidable candidate for the party.

The ‘Emi Lokan’ speech had sparked various interpretations and discussions on social media, prompting Tinubu’s campaign team to issue a clarification. President Buhari’s composed response demonstrated his willingness to listen and maintain a focused approach to party affairs.

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