According to a statement from the PDP Frontliners, a prominent pressure group within the party, the significant political events of the year have solidified FCT Minister Nyesom Wike’s status as a key player in Nigerian politics. Despite criticism of Wike’s popularity by some in Rivers State, the group argues that his strategic role in weakening the PDP’s support base, coupled with the defections of influential figures like Peter Obi and Rabiu Kwankwaso, likely contributed to the APC’s success in the 2023 elections.

The statement, signed by the Publicity Secretary, Mr. Jonah G. Sylbriks, emphasizes the need for Governor Siminalayi Fubara to uphold respect for his predecessor and the Abuja peace accord brokered by President Ahmed Tinubu. The PDP Frontliners suggest that a fair analysis of Nigeria’s 2023 political landscape underscores Wike’s influence.

In the ever-evolving political scenario, Wike has become a focal point of blame, accused of disrupting power dynamics and shattering political dreams within the PDP. The group highlights accusations linking Wike to the failure of presidential candidates and gubernatorial hopefuls, while also suggesting his role in paving the way for Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s victory.

The statement acknowledges social media discourse, particularly on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where critics accuse Wike of betraying party principles. However, the PDP Frontliners point out Wike’s support for Tinubu and dismiss these accusations, noting that Wike’s actions were motivated by political strategy rather than betrayal.

The group urges Governor Fubara to avoid conflicts with Wike, his long-term mentor, drawing parallels with a former governor who faced political oblivion after betraying his predecessor. They remind Fubara of his early days under Wike’s guidance, emphasizing the risk of wasting his term in conflicts rather than building on the achievements of his predecessor.

The Frontliners caution Fubara about the loyalty of his new supporters, warning that many may abandon him when needed. They also discourage any attempts to divide the state along ethnic lines, as this could potentially harm Fubara more than Wike.

In conclusion, the PDP Frontliners advise Wike’s critics that their attacks won’t bring down President Tinubu or help those who lost positions due to Wike’s actions. They call on the PDP to move beyond its preoccupation with Wike, urging the party to rebuild and focus on constructive strategies for the future.

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