In this interview, we will be speaking with the founder of Dio Vince Company Ltd, who started the business of importing and selling commercial bakery machines, kitchen equipment, and other related products in Nigeria. The founder talks about their inspiration for starting the business, the popular products and services offered, quality and safety measures for products, and how the company stays up-to-date with trends and technologies. They also discuss successful projects and partnerships, the future of the industry, and new products and services that the company is planning to launch. Furthermore, the interview covers the company’s differentiation from its competitors in terms of product offerings, pricing, and customer service. Finally, the founder offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own import and export businesses and discusses the challenges they should be prepared to face.

What inspired you to establish Dio Vince Company Ltd, and how did you get started in the business of importing and selling commercial bakery machines, kitchen equipment, and other related products?

Talking about my inspiration, after graduating from the university, having studied mathematics at the Federal university of technology Owerri, and serving in 2019, I sort for a job but it proved difficult.
My uncle was into the business already which was why I considered it among others, and had to finally settle for it because I love machines and I think the industry of Food businesses in Nigeria still have a step further to go in the nearest future which is manufacturing some equipment here in the country.
Though some people are already on it, I know I can bring more light to it so I’m currently working on it.

I started off by first learning the business for a Year, I have been around businesses since when I was a child but every business has its secrets, so I had to learn and understand what it takes to do business in Lagos and sell industrial equipment and the process of importation. So after a year-long learning, I got a grant from my Uncle to start.

Could you tell us about some of the most popular products and services offered by Dio Vince Company Ltd, and how they benefit your customers?

The most popular products and services offered by my company will be the sales and installation of bakery equipment for a new or existing but improved bakery, setting up a commercial kitchen for hotels, restaurants, and fast food as well as setting up a supermarket with all the necessary accessories.
Our types of equipment make life easier for bakers and chefs because, with it, they can make a variety of dishes and pastries effectively with the help of those machines as it brings speed, precision, and control work.

How do you ensure that the products you import and sell meet the highest standards of quality and safety, and what steps do you take to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry?

Before I came into the industry, there were top players who already have a standard they are working with, so I keyed in but I’m very sure with time and improved cash flow, I will be able to negotiate for a better quality in some cases where I have noticed that it can be better.
With regard to trends and technological innovations, I must say that Nigeria is slow to embrace innovative solutions, they kind of prefer the old ways.
But we are working on a couple of things that will first benefit our customers because they will be the first to enjoy it freely and with their feedback, we can now take on the rest of the market.

What kind of repair and maintenance services do you offer, and how do you ensure that your technicians are well-trained and knowledgeable about the equipment they are working on?

We have different engineers for different machines.
The refrigeration and cooling equipment have engineers.
The cooking and baking machines have their engineers also.
We have both certified engineers and their trainees who occasionally undergo workshops organized by a group of companies of which we are included to improve themselves even in customer relations.

Could you share some examples of successful projects or partnerships that Dio Vince Company Ltd has been involved in, and what lessons have you learned from those experiences?

To share but a few, the famous Ebeano Supermarket gets its equipment from our company for all of its branches, Dof bakers Calabar was set up by us, and Mimie chin-chin Uyo got their equipment from us, we also did all the installations for them.
The most important lesson I have learned is that a well-served customer is a link to much more business.

How do you see the future of the bakery and kitchen equipment industry evolving, and what steps is Dio Vince Company Ltd taking to stay ahead of the curve?

The future of our industry is a promising one, though like most other sectors is suffering from the general economic instability of the country.
But our company is currently working with bakers and chefs, eg. Akunwata hospitality and Divine Love Bakery, and lots of others. Understanding their pain points and finding a way to help solve the problems

Could you tell us about any new products or services that Dio Vince Company Ltd is planning to launch in the near future, and what kind of impact you expect those products or services to have on your business and your customers?

Our company is working on one new product Gas contact grill, it has always been powered by electricity but some recent research shows that if we can get a gas-powered contact grill it will be cheaper for our customers in the long run and so we are working on it.

How does Dio Vince Company Ltd differentiate itself from its competitors in terms of product offerings, pricing, and customer service?

Customer service is one area we don’t joke with, in our company.
We try to be there for our customers at any cost because we don’t want to be those companies who are just after the money on the transaction day. Our pricing is fair and competitive too.

What kind of consultation services does Dio Vince Company Ltd offer, and how do you work with customers to determine their needs and provide customized solutions?

We offer equipment consultation for all interested parties but it’s free for our customers.
Knowing what they want to do, and advising them on the best equipment that is suitable for those purposes. Modeling, planning, and executing the equipment installations, to ensure maximum work efficiency and workers and environmental safety.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own import and export businesses, and what are some of the biggest challenges they should be prepared to face?

My advice will be “Learn the process, and never be in a haste to cash out millions because the better you understand the system, the further you can go, and the more challenges you can overcome. And it’s a capital-intensive business, the more capital you have, the faster you can grow.
Thank you.

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