Emmanuel Fadipe Foundation is excited to broaden its inaugural Scholarship Program, focusing on the critical theme “DRUG ABUSE, WHO’S TO BLAME?” The initiative is set to actively engage and empower students from numerous junior schools across South West Nigeria, including Ibadan, Lagos, and Ile-Ife.

This comprehensive program goes beyond providing financial assistance, as it encompasses various aspects such as tuition fees, welfarism, provision of all academic necessities, and covering the expenses for WAEC, NECO, and JAMB fees for both successful winners and outstanding participants in the scheduled activities. Emmanuel Fadipe Foundation is committed to creating a supportive environment for the educational journey of these students.

In addition to the enriching activities previously mentioned, including Chess Games, Skill Acquisition sessions, and Debates, the program aims to recognize and reward excellence not only among the winners but also among outstanding participants. The foundation is dedicated to providing a platform for showcasing excellence and fostering a culture of achievement and positive contributions.

The Scholarship Program’s highlights, including a National-level Competition, Scholarship Awards, Talents Showcase, and Panel Sessions, now extend their benefits to a broader group of schools and participants. Emmanuel Fadipe Foundation believes that by offering comprehensive support, it can make a more significant impact on the lives of young individuals, contributing to a brighter and more empowered future.

As a non-profit organization, Emmanuel Fadipe Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to addressing critical societal issues and fostering positive change in the lives of students across numerous schools in South West Nigeria.

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