Edo State Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu has decided to withdraw his lawsuit against Governor Godwin Obaseki and other parties embroiled in their ongoing conflict. This move is seen as a significant step toward potential reconciliation within the Edo State government.

The dispute between Deputy Governor Shaibu and Governor Obaseki has been a source of concern for Edo State residents, with its potential to disrupt governance in the state. The lawsuit, which was filed earlier this year, had added fuel to the already simmering tensions.

Shaibu’s decision to withdraw the lawsuit has raised hopes for a peaceful resolution to the conflict that has been brewing for several months. While the specific reasons behind this move remain disclosed, it signals a willingness on Shaibu’s part to engage in dialogue and find common ground with Governor Obaseki and other parties involved.

In a statement personally issued by Shaibu, he expressed his intent to honor the mediation efforts of various individuals, including religious figures, prominent members of the Edo community, and traditional leaders.

Both Shaibu and Obaseki have played significant roles in Edo State’s political landscape, and a harmonious working relationship between them could greatly benefit the state’s development. This unexpected development will undoubtedly be closely watched by political analysts and residents alike.

As Edo State eagerly anticipates a potential resolution to the conflict between its two prominent leaders, the withdrawal of the lawsuit by Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu offers a glimmer of hope for a more stable and productive political environment in the state.

He also conveyed his gratitude to the governor for embracing peace initiatives.

Edo State Deputy Governor, Philip Shuaibu, had earlier filed a lawsuit at the Federal High Court.

The lawsuit was aimed to prevent alleged efforts by Governor Godwin Obaseki to remove him from office.

The lawsuit was identified as Suit No. FHC/ABJ/CS/1027/2023 and listed the Inspector General of Police, State Security Service, the Governor of Edo State, and the Chief Judge of Edo State as defendants

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