In recent developments, the Coalition for Truth and Justice (CTJ) has vehemently called for the reversal of a restraining order issued by a Federal High Court in Abuja against Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, restraining him from carrying out certain responsibilities within the state. The court order, which restrained Governor Fubara and others from obstructing the State House of Assembly’s statutory duties, including the removal or transfer of the clerk and deputy clerk of the House, has sparked concerns about interference in Rivers State’s governance.

During a press conference held in Abuja yesterday, the executive director of CTJ, Dr. Joyce Ogwu, expressed disappointment at what she termed an unwarranted court order, emphasizing that it reflects a worrisome level of interference in the state’s affairs. Dr. Ogwu criticized the Federal High Court’s decision, stating that it seemingly ignored jurisdictional boundaries and raised questions about the judiciary’s independence.

Dr. Ogwu asserted, “As a Coalition for Truth and Justice, we find it hard to believe that a Federal High Court would elect to play to the gallery by issuing such an unwarranted court order that depicts a mockery of the judicial process in Nigeria.” She went on to highlight the inappropriate nature of the restraining order, suggesting that it served a purpose contrary to the interests of the people of Rivers State.

The coalition expressed concerns about the perceived sale of justice to the highest bidder, questioning the impartiality and jurisdiction of the Federal High Court in a matter that, according to CTJ, falls within the purview of the National Industrial Court. Dr. Ogwu warned against the potential erosion of justice, stating, “The Coalition for Truth and Justice frowns at the recent court order in Rivers State. It is misplaced, malicious, and counterproductive. It is a total abuse and disregard for the rule of law.”

In conclusion, CTJ called for urgent corrective action, emphasizing the need to reverse the court order by the Federal High Court on Rivers State. The coalition stressed the importance of reevaluating the matter to ensure justice prevails and to prevent the nation from descending into a situation where court orders extend to every aspect of citizens’ lives.

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