Elder statesman and former federal commissioner of Information, Chief Edwin Clark, has called on President Bola Tinubu to urgently and decisively address the ongoing political impasse in Ondo State involving Governor Rotimi Akeredolu and his deputy, Lucky Aiyedatiwa. Drawing parallels with the Yar’adua-Jonathan scenario in 2010, Clark invoked the doctrine of necessity pioneered by Gen Yakubu Gowon’s Eminent Persons Committee, urging swift intervention to prevent a potential security crisis.

In an open letter to President Tinubu, Clark expressed concern over the health-related political impasse in Ondo State and the alleged forgery of the governor’s signature on a document. He emphasized the need for a doctrine of necessity to be activated, drawing attention to the constitutional quandary reminiscent of the Yar’Adua era.

Commending the president for his initial intervention, Clark stressed that the crisis continues to escalate, causing tension rather than abating. He pointed out the divisive nature of the impasse, with claims that the deputy governor was asked to sign an unwritten resignation letter, raising questions about the Speaker’s authority in such a directive.

Clark urged President Tinubu to reconsider his earlier terms of settlement, recognizing the absence of constitutional provisions for such a situation. He emphasized the president’s moral obligation as the father of the country to intervene in political crises nationwide.

Concerns were also raised over the allegation of the governor’s signature being forged, with Clark citing conflicting statements by different officials. Despite some officials dispelling the allegations, Clark emphasized the escalating tension in Ondo State and called for a swift resolution to avoid further unrest.

In conclusion, he criticized the Ondo State House of Assembly’s move to prevent the National Assembly from interfering, asserting that the state is sharply divided along political lines, necessitating urgent and comprehensive intervention by President Tinubu.

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