Miss Aviation Nigerian recently held a victory party to celebrate the success of the Miss Aviation Queens event, which took place on the 18th of February 2023 at the Regent Hotel GRA in Ikeja. The event was a sequel to the actual Miss Aviation pageant, which was held on December 15th, 2022, at the Muson Center in Lagos. The Miss Aviation Nigeria pageant is one of the events organized by MAMAN Aviationworld, which seeks to create entertaining, educative, and impactful aviation events. The pageant provides a platform for young ladies to learn and grow while also empowering them to pursue careers in the aviation industry.

According to Ololade Adenekan, the convener of Miss Aviation Nigeria, the pageant was organized to promote the aviation industry, boost the economy, and provide Nigerians with more profitable investments. She also revealed that the last edition featured new products that increased the value for sponsors, participants, and aviation enthusiasts. More info about the pageant and registration is open to ladies between the ages of 18 and 32 on the MAMAN website.

In a press conference held in Lagos, Adenekan noted that the primary objective of the Miss Aviation pageant is to create a platform where young persons can come and get information, be educated, and have the opportunity to be empowered and also be an empowerment to others as well. She noted that upon joining the aviation industry, she realized that information to those outside the industry was scarce and limited, and decided to create a channel that would be creative, fun, entertaining, educative, and fun for both those outside and inside the industry. Another catch for the pageant is that it is centered on youths and the girl child.

The Beauty queens at the Victory Party, Miss Eloquent, Miss Amity, and the current Miss Aviation were all present to speak with journalists. Speaking with the current Miss Eloquent, Sylvester Onyeachi Praise, she said that her pet project would be about informing young persons about what they don’t know about the aviation world. She also said she learned a lot during the process of participating in the Miss Aviation project.

Chinaza Miracle, a flight attendant and currently the queen Amity, said that the day of the Miss Aviation event was like a movie, and God helped her shine that day. She is grateful for the opportunity and is committed to empowering, inspiring, aspiring, and achieving for young people.

Mohammed Mayowa Yusira, the current Miss Aviation Nigeria, said that she was frozen when she was announced as the winner. She had tears of joy and in her mind, she appreciated God. In terms of her plans, she intends to beautify the airport to make it more attractive, hold talk and dine sessions with youths, and give back to society. The pageant also concluded a Valentine’s Day project where they reached out and gave out. There are many more projects in the pipeline.

Overall, the Miss Aviation Nigeria pageant is proving to be a success, with a growing number of young ladies participating and benefiting from the platform. With the aim of promoting the aviation industry and providing more investment opportunities, the Miss Aviation pageant is undoubtedly making a significant impact in the industry and among young people. The victory party held on the 18th of February was a testament to the pageant’s success, and we can only expect bigger and better things from MAMAN Aviationworld in the future.

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