Maverick singer Olawale Oloforo, widely known as Brymo, has accused Grammy-winning artist Burna Boy of infringing on his intellectual property. Brymo claimed that Burna Boy’s songs “City Boys” and “I Told Them” sampled the title track from his upcoming album, “Macabre,” and referred to Burna Boy’s actions as a “crime” that should lead to a jail sentence.

Brymo took to his Instagram handle and wrote, “By the end of this year, you’ll all remember that ‘Macabre’ wasn’t released to the public, only privately. ‘City Boy’ and ‘I Told You’ were given to Burna Boy…

The title track of his album and one of the track titles I mentioned earlier point to the fact that his album title is the same as the hook I sing on my album’s title track ‘Macabre’… Burna is indeed a boy, and that’s a crime! An actual crime… punishable by imprisonment… And if you like, bring back legendary artists to complain about stolen songs… you will regret this action to a great extent… Don’t you people listen?!”

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