In a commendable effort to combat online harassment and ensure the well-being of Nigerian music sensation Davido, billionaire music mogul Paul O has taken a remarkable step by offering a cash reward of N5 million to anyone who can provide valuable information leading to the identification of a Twitter troll.

The individual in question made a disturbing comment, expressing a wish for harm to come to the renowned artist.

The news of Paul O’s cash reward gained attention after it was shared on Instagram, particularly by the account @gossipmilltv.

Paul O’s decision to take action against the troll and provide a substantial reward has sparked public interest and ignited discussions about the importance of tackling online abuse.

Davido, an influential figure in the Nigerian music industry, has faced online criticism and trolling throughout his career. However, the recent tweet containing a vile wish for his demise crossed a significant line, prompting Paul O’s intervention.

As news of the reward spread, netizens expressed their support for Paul O’s initiative, condemning the troll’s actions and emphasizing the need for accountability and responsibility on social media platforms.

Reactions from social media users:

@kingfadekemi commented, “If I don’t find this guy, let me bend Sergeant Otelemuye in ACTION.

@_adesolaa wrote, “Let them use him as a scapegoat, please.

@xpensive_fatima said, “They need to find that boy.”

@cashbenkid wrote, “May our words not bring problems to our families, amen.”

@oskijay said, “Absolutely. More bounty should be placed on his head. If you play stupid games, be prepared to win stupid prizes.

The incident serves as a reminder of the need to address online harassment and protect public figures from such malicious attacks. Paul O’s reward demonstrates a commitment to ensuring a safe and respectful online environment.

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