Former Big Brother Naija reality star, actress, and filmmaker, Diane Russet, recently shared a significant incident that nearly derailed her film career.

During an appearance on Hip TV’s program, Trending, hosted by reality star Kimoprah and featuring fellow BBNaija alum Elozonam, Diane recounted the unfortunate experience of losing a crucial file for one of her movie projects. The setback forced her to reshoot, leading her to question her dedication to filmmaking.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Diane revealed that she persevered thanks to the unwavering encouragement from her friends within the industry. Their support played a pivotal role in her decision not to give up on her passion.

Reflecting on her journey, Diane admitted that she initially believed formal film school education was a prerequisite to success. However, her industry friends enlightened her, explaining that learning on the job is a valid and valuable approach. While she remains open to the idea of attending film school in the future, Diane embraces the ongoing process of learning through hands-on experience.

Expressing her gratitude for the continuous guidance and motivation from her industry peers, Diane shared the story of her pivotal moment. After losing the project file, she reached a breaking point and contemplated quitting filmmaking altogether. However, her friends consistently reminded her to push through, assuring her that completing the current project would pave the way for future endeavors. Their unwavering support kept her going during challenging times.

It is worth mentioning that Diane’s remarkable work, “Ricordi,” recently earned the prestigious title of Best Original Drama Series at the 2023 African Magic Viewers Choice Awards, further solidifying her talent and resilience in the industry.

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