Nonso Amadi, the Canadian-Nigerian singer, recently revealed that Banky W, the CEO of EME, and his wife, Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington, played a crucial role in convincing his parents to support his musical career. Amadi shared this information on his Twitter account on Tuesday night.

The talented artist, known for his hit song “Tonight,” expressed his gratitude for receiving his parents’ blessings regarding his choice to pursue music. He further mentioned that his mother has actively participated in the creation of his upcoming Extended Play (EP).

In his tweet, Amadi expressed his appreciation to Banky W and Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington, acknowledging their significant contribution. He wrote, “Just want to say thank you to @BankyW and his lovely wife @AdesuaEtomiW for coming to speak to my parents in 2018 around letting me do music. Went a long way in gaining their support, & now I’m about to drop an album with my Mum involved in its creation. Love you both truly.”

The support and encouragement from Banky W and Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington evidently played a crucial role in influencing Amadi’s parents to embrace his passion for music. Their intervention paved the way for his pursuit of a music career and allowed him to receive the necessary support from his family.

As Amadi prepares to release his forthcoming EP, the involvement of his mother in its creation showcases the close bond and collaborative effort within his family. The support from his loved ones, combined with the guidance and influence of Banky W and Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington, has undoubtedly shaped Amadi’s journey in the music industry.

Nonso Amadi’s heartfelt acknowledgment serves as a testament to the significant impact that influential figures can have on an aspiring artist’s career. The support and belief of mentors, industry professionals, and loved ones play a vital role in nurturing talent and fostering success.

The music industry thrives on such acts of kindness and mentorship, as they enable aspiring artists to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. Nonso Amadi’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring musicians, highlighting the importance of support, encouragement, and belief in one’s abilities.

As Amadi’s career progresses and his EP prepares for release, it is clear that his gratitude towards Banky W and Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington will always remain heartfelt and sincere. Their intervention and support have not only influenced his parents but have also contributed to shaping the trajectory of his musical journey.

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