Comrade Aisha Yesufu, a prominent Nigerian activist, has strongly advocated for the establishment of universally accepted standards for free, fair, and credible elections worldwide. She believes that adopting such standards is crucial to preventing military coups and maintaining democracy in nations across the globe.

Aisha Yesufu expressed her concern that varying standards of electoral processes in different countries could contribute to flawed elections and potentially lead to the resurgence of military coups. She emphasized that consistency in transparent election standards is essential for sustaining democracy.

In a statement issued a day before the recent coup in Gabon (although not in anticipation of it), Aisha Yesufu urged the international community to take action. She conveyed her message on social media, saying:

“The world must find a universally accepted standard for free, fair, and credible elections. We cannot continue to have different standards; otherwise, military coups will become the order of the day. I shot this video yesterday, and today we have a coup in Gabon.”

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